The Story of a New Zealand Family

The Gregories of New Zealand

Their Forebears and their Descendants

A Short History

compiled by David Gregorie

This book is for

Alex, Daniel, Jimmy, Ani, Emma, Ben, Connor, Dion, Mowai, Lilian and…

all those who will come after them.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Time and Family Trees

©David Gregorie, 2002, 2012


New Zealand
Four generations
A New Zealand Family Genealogical Chart
Aropaoanui - pictures - today
Napier - pictures
Oporae - pictures
Havelock North in pictures
Gorge End - pictures
The first Gregorie to fly
Eric Gregorie's war
Aunt Barbara
Cardiff - pictures
The Forest Nursery - pictures
Recollections of Gorge End
My Home at Gorge End
My Early Childhood
The War Years
I Remember…
Dan's story
A New Beginning
The Coronation
A Snowy Christmas in Wales
The McGregors
AD887 to AD2000
The MacGregors
The Gregories - family tree - pictures
Davie do A’thing
Kinairdy Castle - pictures
Rob Roy
Telescopes, Improving Books & Patent Medicines
A Father’s Legacy to his Daughters
The Professors
The Dunkirk Gregories
1066 and All That… - pictures
The Naturalist
The English Gregories
Our Australian Cousins - pictures
South Carolina - pictures
The Massachusetts Branch
The Dinwiddies
The Hennebrys