Navman EZY 40

Currently we know how to run XCSoar from the built-in flash memory in the PNA. Its SD card isn't used at all because the built-in memory can be accessed as if the PNA is a USB memory stick.

Installing XCSoar

This approach installs XCSoar in the root directory on the Navman EZY 40. It does not use the SD card at all. Carry out the following steps:

  1. Connect the EZY 40 to a USB port and turn it on. It can then be treated as though it is a memory stick. Use your usual file manipulation tool for the next steps.
  2. Create an XCSoarData folder and copy the turnpoints, map data, airspace files, polars etc into it.
  3. Rename the existing smartst_ce.exe to old_smartst_ce.exe. This isn't strictly needed, but will let you revert the EZY 40 to its original state if you should find that necessary.
  4. Copy xcsoar.exe into the EZY 40 root directory and and rename it to smartst_ce.exe
  5. Stop and restart the EZY40. It should come up running XCSoar.
  6. Use the System setup pages as usual to configure XCSoar by selecting your map, airspace, and turnpoint files etc. In addition, set the com port to COM2 and the baud rate to 57600.

XCSoar should now find and use the EZY 40's GPS receiver.