Running XCSoar under WINE

This page was last updated on 11 October, 2010.

The procedure described below was tested using XCSoar 5.2.4 and Wine 1.3.1

If you're not a Windows user you can still use XCsoar-PC.exe, and XCSoarSimulator-PC.exe by running them under WINE. The following description shows how to run them in a Linux installation and can probably be adapted for other installations, such as OS-X on an Intel Mac. It makes two assumptions:

I further assume you'll run the PC versions within a directory that represents an SD card image: In other words the XCSoar and LK8000 components are installed in a directory containing two sub-directories:

MobileNavigator contains the executables
XCSoarData contains the data XCSoar needs to operate - maps, turnpoints, airspace, etc.

If your login directory is /home/gliding and the SD card image is at /home/gliding/XCSoar/simulator:

To run a program, cd to the SD drive root and run it:

cd ~/XCSoar/simulator; wine MobileNavigator/XCSoar-PC.exe

or to run the simulator:

cd ~/XCSoar/simulator; wine MobileNavigator/XCSoarSimulator-PC.exe

If the program can't find the map, turnpoints, etc, setting $WINEDEBUG can help but be warned that the debug volume is huge. To do this, preceed the wine command by:

export WINEDEBUG=file