After its working

This page was last updated on 09 February, 2014.

There are a couple of precautions that are worthwhile considering because they'll make life easier when you upgrade to a later versiion of the program or are unlucky to lose or break your PNA or the SD card.

Saving your profile(s)

Keep copies of your .prf file(s) because that is where all the configuration details are held. Its not hard to configure either XCSoar or LK8000 from scratch but it is a bit time-consuming and can be frustrating if you can't remember how to set one annoying detail. However, if you've saved copies of these files you can simply drop them back into place in a new or upgraded installation and all your usual settings will be there.

Saving task files

Depending on how you set tasks for yourself, it may be worth keeping the task files too.

My approach

Each time I set up an SD card with a new version of LK8000 I keep a copy of the complete card contents in a suitably named directory on my hard drive as both protection against losing the satnav and/or SD card and as a reference for what I did last time.