October 2001

This is the story of my doings during the month of October 2001, which I spent in the USA. The plan was simple. I dislike Los Angeles, so I arranged to fly into and out from Denver, which gave me the opportunity to visit my friends Denise and Ken Phair. The timing of the trip was built around the Free Flight Aeromodelling World Championships in central California and two supporting events before and after it. My plan was to compete in the supporting events and to spectate at the World Championships. I would drive from Denver to California and back, which promised some great sightseeing. Last but not least, I planned to check out the famous American thermals and wave by doing some soaring. The first stop was Boulder, just down the road from Denver, where I could also obtain and validate a US pilot certificate. Next, I could spend the time between the World Championships and the Sierra Cup at Williams Soaring in California. Finally, I could visit Minden, Nevada on the way back to Denver.